Magda & Łukasz getting married!

24.08.2019 Saturday, at 16.00

Confirm your arrival at the wedding and after party

1. You can do it online

2. By calling or texting us

Magda: +44 745 3324416
Łukasz: +44 7851 272870


23.08.19 Friday

This is the last chance to sleep and recharge your batteries before the big day.

Do not waste it! The newlyweds will not take tiredness as an excuse for not having fun.


24.08.19 Saturday

Let’s get the party started! The wedding will take place at the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

The first descent is at 15.30. The exact meeting place will be given soon. We start at 4:00 PM, but please arrive earlier. After the ceremony please join us to the wedding party in "Babie Lato" in Gdów.


25.08.19 Sunday

After Party! In PRL style

Getting 200% of the standard is not easy. That's why we need your help! Can you help? Yes, I can!

... they lived happily ever after!